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Roberto Santiago Did His Best With the Manaira Mall

For Roberto Santiago, business is an important part of anything that he does. He tries to always put his business first so he will have a chance to make money and try new things. This was the case for the Manaira Mall. He wanted to show people the Manaira Mall was the best Brazil had ever seen so he tried to show others what they would be able to do if they chose to visit the mall. He also wanted them to know they would have a chance to make their own businesses better while they were working in the mall. Since Roberto Santiago knew he would need to try different things with Manaira, he also knew he would have to work harder than he had with most other businesses if he wanted a chance to show people what they could get from the mall.


As long as Manaira was successful, Roberto Santiago knew he could be successful, too. He also knew he would need to make some changes to the way business was done in the mall. He wanted exclusive contracts with all the people he worked with. Designers were the ones who would be able to benefit the most from what Roberto Santiago was doing. If they signed a contract with him, he would have exclusive rights to carry their stores in his mall. The idea allowed him the chance to have something that no other company had in the entire country of Brazil. It also gave him a chance to show people what they could do to make things better on their own.


As things continued to change for Roberto Santiago, he knew he could make the right choices for the business. He was always working to be successful with Manaira but he also knew he would have to make the mall somewhere people would want to go. When he chose to create a tourist destination in the mall, he made the mall a better place for most people. It helped him see the differences people would have while they were shopping for things and being entertained by other people.


Out of all the things Roberto Santiago did, the most important was the way he created experiences at the mall. The experiences he created included offering dining options, stores to shop in and entertainment for people to enjoy. He also wanted everyone to know they were welcome at the mall. The latest endeavor Roberto Santiago is doing is the hotel that will be attached to the mall. This will give people a place to stay when they are visiting and don’t want to worry about the issues that come with finding a hotel outside the area of the mall.


The Rowing Team Of Orange Coast College

In May of 2017, the rowers of Orange Coast College went for a 12th national title, being up against some of the best in 4-year universities. Fighting through their lungs screaming, sweat and muscle aches, as eight oars went through the Newport Harbor water as the 60 foot yellow needle propelled through the water at the speed of 25 miles an hour. The sport of rowing is just one of the few purely amateur sports that is left, it is a ballet that consist of grace, power and unity. Being said that in the sport that there are nine human hearts that beat as one and that rowing seems to touch the divine. However, for the little known and yet the legendary Orange Coast College rowing team left Orange County on May 25th to compete in the Nationals at Lake Lanier in Georgia, it would seem that the students shout-out had also embodied the competitive spirit which helps in moving humanity forward. During the weekend of the Nationals, the rowing team of Orange Coast College will go up against nearly 40 schools. As well as the four-year universities that have been training twice as long then the community college, and students that are several years older. The main event is that the boats will cover 2,000 meter that will be completed in the course of about six minutes. And there will be some of the rowers will be collapsing as the finish line is crossed because they have given it their all. Learn more:


Orange Coast College is an 164-acre campus that is located in Costa Mesa, being located just minutes away from the beautiful beaches of Southern California. The College was founded in 1947, and classes began in 1948. Since 1948, Orange Coast College has grown to become one of the finest and largest community colleges in the nation, as over 25,000 students enroll at the college each semester. Orange Coast College has featured exceptional facilities and have the latest in technology while offering over 135 career and academic programs, that include one of the most acclaimed and largest public nautical programs in the nation. In addition, many of the students of Orange Coast College will go on to transfer to private universities and colleges in California, as well as across the nation. Orange Coast College offers spring, fall and winter classes, and has been fully accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.


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