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MK Ultra Controlled Celebrities


There are rumors that there’s a secret program run by the Central Intelligence Agency that controls people minds. The name of this is Project MK Ultra and the CIA uses it to develop techniques and drugs that will be used to torture information out of people and take control of their minds. The rumors go on to state that there are a number of celebrities that have been subjected to this and are thus under the control of MK Ultra. Two of the celebrities that have been rumored to have been MK Ultra victims by the CIA is Amanda Bynes and Britney Spears.

The reason why some people think Britney Spears is controlled by MK Ultra is because she apparently completely lost her mind for a period of a year or two several years ago. The rumors say that she was programmed by MK Ultra while she appeared on the Mickey Mouse Club and it all came to a head a number of years after she left the show.

Some people like to say that Amanda Bynes lost her mind four years ago and it is because the CIA programmed her as well. This is partly due to her going on a Twitter rampage and saying that she had a microchip installed in her head. After this theories popped up on the internet that she, too, was being controlled by MK Ultra.

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