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Inviting Daniel Taub

In August 2014 the people in the city of Bradford put up an invitation style protest, silently voicing their opinions about a speech made by George Galloway. This speech made publicly caused a media frenzy. In the lengthy speech, Galloway stated that the city of Bradford should be free of anything Israeli. Galloway expressed that Bradford had no need for any Israeli activities including tourists. The people within the Bradford community quickly passed word that this was not what they wanted. The very diverse people of Bradford lived together in harmony, and set an example of peace to other surrounding regions. To express their wish for a community that worked together and stood beside each other, they invited Daniel Taub, an Israeli ambassador to come and speak in their city. Daniel Taub felt this was the people’s way of standing in disagreement with Galloway’s words. Galloway a known racist against the Jewish people had made other horrible and unproven claims against Israel in the past. Galloway’s speech was just another attempt to cause discord between the people of Bradford that were already working and living together well. Daniel Taub traveled there to stifle the frenzy, and provide confidence in the working relationship between Bradford and Israeli people living there. Learn more:

The outrage over Galloway’s speech even caused a police investigation to be launched. While Daniel Taub visited, the city was on alert and had the highest possible security. Daniel expressed the need for people of Bradford to leave behind the past and work towards a better future. The peoples willingness to do this was evident to Taub during his visit. The Pro-Israel activists within the city cheered Taub on by countering Galloway’s speech with their own video.

Daniel Taub a former medic for the Israeli defense forces had no fear as he visited the people of Bradford. Taub served as the Israeli Ambassador to the United Kingdom for many years. A devout Orthodox Jew, Taub was proud to represent his homeland in a positive light to the City of Bradford. The city welcomed this diplomat and public servant with open arms.




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