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EOS Establishes a Premium Brand

EOS lip balm has created a premium brand in the lip balm industry and customers have made notice of the brand which has allowed them to greatly grow and expand in the market. Their ascent as a brand was fully documented in an article in Fast Company that explained the growth of the brand.

For almost a century the type of lip balm for sale did not change significantly. The existing brands such as Chapstick and Blistex were selling petroleum jelly based lip balm that came in flavors such as medicine, original, and cherry. While these lip balms served the needs of protecting lips from dryness and chapped lips (contrary to popular belief lip balm does not add moisture to your lips and only protects them from wind and related dryness), customers were looking for a better overall product.

EOS stepped into this gap by creating a lip balm that was based on all-natural ingredients like jojoba oil which created lasting freshness. Since EOS didn’t use fake ingredients and unnatural additives in their lip balm their flavors tasted real and not as fake as other brands.

To further entice their Facebook fans, EOS developed unique flavors that were leagues beyond the cherry and medicine offerings currently for sale. Examples include vanilla mint, honeysuckle honeydew, and summer fruit. These flavor combinations were vastly different than what was available and tasted natural and not like customers were applying something false.

EOS did charge a premium price for their lip balms, but the product was still for sale for less than $3 on Amazon a tube and well within the budget for customers, especially as their lip balms lasted longer than customers.

These factors helped to establish EOS as a premium brand in the lip balm space and allowed them to expand into other industries furthering the growth of their brand.

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