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The Best Acoustic Guitar Brands For You


Are you, as The Tubes sing, “strung out on strings”? If you are interested in playing the guitar then read on, finger pickers. Here, based on suggestions from actual guitarists, and in no particular order, is one list of some of the best acoustic guitar brands on the market today:



Fender is a famous name. The company manufactures good acoustic guitars for the money. (Their electric guitars receive especially good reviews.) Fender guitars are also often praised for their appearance as much as for their solid construction and sound.  Fender was also popularized in the great 90s teen movie Wayne’s World, with his love for the all white stratocaster.



Gibson is considered by some picking pundits to be not only a hallmark name in the acoustic guitar world but a real gem of a product line. Gibson guitars are generally known for having a rich, warm sound and feel. Gibsons are solid instruments.



Seagull is a popular handmade Canadian brand. The company, based in Quebec, is often praised for building guitars with cedar wood tops that are said to add to the tone of the instruments. They are said by some musicians to be the best guitar for less than $300.00. You get true value for your money.



Yamaha is reported to be one of the most reliable brands when one thinks of acoustic guitars. The company has a line of good products and a wide price range too. Online experts indicate that their instruments–both plugged and unplugged–garner consistently good reviews.


While some aspects are subjectively debatable, overall these brands are both reputable and reliable. When shopping, of course, one needs to focus on one’s budget and personal needs.

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